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The Month of Photography 

This show of grand scale contemporary photography exposes the possibility of images as art via email instantly exchanged globally and blown up to large mural proportions. Images gathered from photographers around the world will be expanded as large Xerox prints and displayed inside galleries as well as posted in approved outdoor locations throughout the city of Denver and sister cities around the globe. 


March through April 2013
The MoP Big Picture World Wide Street Art Celebration is co- hosted by Art-Plant and Artwork Network



Join us in the " Open Air Gallery "

 behind City O City for amazing images refreshment and music. 
206 East 13th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Photography displayed indoor and out in public locations in Denver and cities around the world.

"A Grand Exchange" Denver artists work is being sent and displayed in cities world wide.
Work is now up in South America, Switzerland, England, China, Mexico, Canada, France, Germany, with dozens being posted daily". Westword

"Denver - a bold and brassy gathering of some of the best fringe photographers the US art world has to offer. Yet, I use the phrase "art world” with some hesitation in this context; as this group of artists comes not from the traditional venues of New York Paris and Cologne, but rather they have emerged with great fortitude from a most unlikely place – Denver Colorado."  Art News

The Big Picture will soon launch a google map with pins and images of the art works up locally and world wide.

Also watch for many of the images of accepted BIG PICTURE artists on down town Denver's Jumbo Tron on 14th Champa and other screen around the Denver Theater District. Special Thanks to Rudi Cheri and Denver Arts and Venues

Westword July 21st 2012

A Beautiful Book/ Catalog of the BIG PICTURE project 2011 was produced by Adam Gildar and designed by Jesse Noble . 


We look forward to producing another book/ catalog documenting the Big Pictures 2013 results from around the world.

 Art-Plant is a Denver based non-profit whose mission is to foster growth in the creative community. 

Artwork Network's mission is to create opportunities for art by developing a network of artists, galleries, businesses, designers and collectors.


Submit To The Big Picture



Submit to the big picture and be a part of a world wide art exchange.

The Big Picture, an exhibition of grand scale contemporary black and white photography. The intent of the event is to connect people through an exchange of images as information instantly transferred and blown up to large proportions. Through a combination of invitations and an international open call for entry, hundreds of images were gathered from talented photographers all over the globe and enlarged as monumental Xerox prints. The Big Picture begans inside the galleries and museums and spills out into satellite venues, the streets of Denver and sister cities around the globe.

Submission Details:

Submission Deadline:  Extended !!  MARCH 15, 2013 

A portion of the work exhibited as part of The Big Picture will be selected from an open submission pool by a jury consisting of organizers of the Month of Photography. 

Winning submissions will be selected and printed for display in gallery and out door public locations in Denver and cities around the world. 

The fee to submit is $20 for up to five images, with a fee of $5 for each additional image. Those selected to participate may supply their own print/xerox, or can opt to have The BIG PICTURE create prints for them. 

Please note : Your submission fees pays for the printing and mounting on the street.


Send a zip file of 800 pixel sized jpgs for the judging pool to :

You will be contacted within 15 days of your submission via email.

Get your submissions in early !!   Early work gets the some of the best spots and cities .

Accepted Work

If your accepted into BIG PICTURE you will be notified with instructions  how to send with Dropbox/ YouSendit or simply by Email.

File and print size requirements for accepted work:

The A-4 paper roll/  printer is 36"inches wide (91.4 cm) and can go long as needed.

Recommended Image Dimensions :
Portrait  36in width x 48in high (91.4 cm width x 121.9cm high)
Landscape  48in width x 36in high  ( 121.9cm width x 91cm high) 

Resolution: 150-200 DPI or 5500 pixels roughly.
(5500 pixels on the short side of the image)

*Color Mode set to GRAYSCALE !! 
( grayscale reduces the file size tremendously then they are very easy to send)

Naming your files : Last Name_Title.jpg 

Naming File Example:   Richardson_Terry_self-portrait_2012.jpg

(This jpg file should be 2- 4 megabytes closed (compressed)  Opened 40-60 megs (uncompressed)

Very easy to send by email ( if saved in gray scale )


Include in your submission:
Detailed image Information on a basic txt file :
Title / date/ process

Personal details
Name City, State/Province, Country email website.
Short bio/ CV/statement ( not required) 


Submission Final Deadline: March 15, 2013  

We highly suggest to submit well before the deadline because we will be printing and pasting selected images in choice spots and sending to other cities as they come in. 


We welcome work to be printed and sent by the artist.

Non return-able large prints/xerox's printed by the artist can be sent to:

Also include: Detailed image Information on a basic txt file : Title / date/ process
Personal details Name City, State/Province, Country email website. Short bio/ CV/statement ( not required) . 

MoP and the BIG PICTURE headquarters at RedLine :

RedLine - The Big Picture - MoP
2350 Arapahoe St. Denver, CO 80205


*Your submission fees pays for the printing and wheat pasting materials.

Submission Fee 



We welcome independent artists that want to submit the work that they have printed and pasted in their own city or town and would like to be recognized and a part of BIG PICTURE project/ book and map.  No fee required.

Simply send us 1000 -2000 pixel size images of documentation and exact location for the google map. Also include: Detailed image Information on a basic txt file : Title / date/ process 

Personal details: Name City, State/Province, Country email website. Short bio/ CV/statement ( not required) .  We will review the submission and contact you directly.

Month of Photography Denver